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View 100th Day of School!
100th Day of School!

Schoenly School celebrated the 100th day of School! Students celebrated with special activities in their classroom and throughout the school!

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View Annual Fire Department Visit
Annual Fire Department Visit

Thank you to the Spotswood Fire Department for coming out and teaching our children about fire safety.

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View Butterflies at Schoenly School
Butterflies at Schoenly School

Students at Schoenly School learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Each class gets to watch a caterpillar go through each phase until they become butterflies!

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View Dinosaur Day
Dinosaur Day

Kindergarten classes celebrated their knowledge of dinosaurs by completing different activities in each classroom!

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View Field Day 2015
Field Day 2015

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View Green Meadow's Farm
Green Meadow's Farm

Kindergarten Classes went to Green Meadow's Farm where they got learn all about and pet animals!

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View Halloween 2014
Halloween 2014

Students and Staff at Schoenly celebrating Halloween!

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View Ice Cream Social
Ice Cream Social

Miss Cassidy's, Miss Surko's, and Mrs. Vespoli's Classes won an Ice Cream Social for the "Spot-On" Challenge. Students are awarded "spots" during their lunch period for exceptional behavior. The "spots" are displayed in the All-Purpose Room. Congratulations!

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View National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Teachers wore blue to honor Police Officers! Students presented Spotswood Police Officers with letters and pictures to thank them!

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View Strega Nona Day
Strega Nona Day

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View Superbowl Predictions 2015
Superbowl Predictions 2015

Each class predicted who they think will win the Superbowl!

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View Technology in the Classroom
Technology in the Classroom

Teachers infusing technology into the classroom to enrich daily learning.

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View The Amazing Max
The Amazing Max

Students were rewarded with a culminating end of the year activity to celebrate our students’ academic, social, and emotional accomplishments

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View Week of Respect Happenings
Week of Respect Happenings

Students and Staff at Schoenly School participated in various activities in celebration of National Week of Respect.

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